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December 2010

Every Year it seems the Christmas holidays come more quickly.   This year I am trying to do a better job taking stock of what I am thankful for.   There is of course, health and the health of your family, your warm home, good friends, and happy dogs, to name a few.  We lost our eleven year old Labrador, Griffin, to cancer this week.  To honor him, and all of our special dogs, I have decided to start my new year’s resolution a little early and try to practice what our dogs live every day.  It is a simple life for the dogs—love unconditionally, find true joy in everything that makes you even the slightest bit happy, and let bygones be bygones (no lingering irritation at the person who cut me off in traffic this morning…).   I am not sure why it is more difficult for us humans, but it is something to aspire to. 

beck2.bmpSo who am I?  As this is our first newsletter, I thought I should include some background on myself and the Hound Huddle.  The Huddle was opened three years ago by three couples: Dr. Rachel Orvick and Dr. Craig Schley, Drs. Jim and Molly Stevenson (the veterinarians and owners of the Oregon Veterinary Clinic), and myself (Becky) and my husband Aaron Mittelsteadt.  I opened and operated the Hound Huddle, being onsite every day, for its first year of business.  I then returned to the full time practice of law and managed the daycare remotely.  This summer I “re-retired” from law and returned to the daycare and active onsite working.

With the exception of some Saturday morning hours, at least two of the owners are onsite at all times.  If you ever have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask for one of us.  We are always happy to talk with you, and welcome your comments and suggestions.  Our priorities are to keep your dogs safe and happy.

 It is so nice to see all the wagging tails in person and to meet all of you—or to see you again!  You can call me here at the daycare (835-6622) or feel free to email me at info@houndhuddle.com or at beckymittel@yahoo.com with any questions, comments or concerns.

Happy Holidays!

Becky Mittelsteadt


Pictures with Santa newsletter pic santa.JPG 

Bring your dogs to the Hound Huddle on Sunday, December 12th between 1 and 4 pm and get their picture taken with Santa!

  • Bring your own camera and donation (dog food/supplies) and the picture is FREE!
  • Use our camera and bring a donation, picture is $3.00
  • Use our camera and no donation, picture is $5.00
  • Also, all retail items will be 15% off!
  • And all daycare packages 10% off!

Everything collected will be given to Trails Home Labrador Retriever Rescue of WI.

Saturday Playtimes  Escape the cold temperatures and come play!  All dogs must be current on their vaccinations including Bordetella and owners must be present.

  • Puppies 6 months and under 9:00 to 10:00 am
  • Small Breeds 35 lbs and under 10:15 to 11:15

Grooming is back!  We are thrilled that the Oregon Pet Spa & Salon moved into our grooming space in August.  Amy and Bree do an amazing job! Nail trims are just $6 and no appointment is needed.

Glacier_1.jpgDog of the Month  Glacier is a Siberian Husky mix with a ton of personality and a large vocabulary.  He likes to chase his playmates and play ball.  When his foster family brought him to daycare for the first time Glacier was timid and did not socialize very smoothly with the dog pack.  With extra attention from employees and his good dog friend, Budda, Glacier figured it all out.  He is the perfect dog for the holidays—he just looks like winter—and his story of finding a loving forever home after his time at a rescue is just the heartwarming we need in December.

New training schedule  Puppy preschool and beginner obedience classes are back!  Beginner Obedience starts January 11th and Puppy Preschool starts January 12th.  Please call 835-6622 with any questions or to register. 

hurley-group-all-web.jpgProduct of the Month:  We are always trying new toys for durability and dog interest.  So far we have determined that nothing is indestructible, but we have found some toys that last longer than others.  The current favorite with most of the dogs is a bone shaped toy from West Paw.  West Paw will replace each one at no charge one time—something no other manufacturer does that we have found.  We have a few West Paw items in our retail area if you would like to check them out!



Dan’s Dog Den                         

pics for employee bios.jpgGreetings to one and all.  My name is Dan Antolec and I will be contributing a brief article on canine behavior and related issues for the newsletter.  You may be wondering “Who is this guy and what does he know?”

Four years ago I completed a long police career, having devoted my adult life to protecting the public.  With a hobby farm to keep me busy my love of animals led me to apply at Hound Huddle when I came upon a job advertisement.  “That looks like fun; maybe I will like working with dogs” I thought to myself.  Well, I was wrong.  I love working with dogs.

Having been a dog owner for 25 years I thought I understood canines, but working with groups of 25-45 dogs taught me a foreign language.  I studied books, DVDs and the many dogs I worked with and developed a good working knowledge of canine communication and behavior.  My relationship with Hound Huddle dogs became as deep and passionate as my feelings for the animals who share my homestead.  In turn I would like to help others develop a deeper understanding of their dog companions so owners and dogs alike can enjoy their relationships on a deeper level.  Toward that end Becky has given me a little space of my own in the dog den and I will enjoy passing on some of the knowledge I have gained. 

Some future topics include how to distinguish between dog play and dog fighting, how to prevent dog fights, how to safely meet and greet new dogs.  I also hope to share some of the fun stories that unfold during dog play at Hound Huddle, and examine specific signals our dogs give us in their attempt to communicate with humans.  With a little effort on your part you can begin to learn canine language and join the conversation.

Dan Antolec 


If you wouldn’t mind, we would love to send you future newsletters via email.  Please email us at info@houndhuddle.com to add your email address to our list!



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